Real-time software inventory and usage tracking with a 15-day free trial
Meet StacksWare

The IT Administrator's New Best Friend

Live Inventory & Usage

Get notified when critical applications crash or insecure software runs.

No Agents, No Problems

Agentless means no maintenance, no down-time, and no performance hits.

15 Minute Deployment

Simply drag & drop one StacksWare virtual appliance into vCenter, XenServer, or Hyper-V.

Provides real-time application use and licensing analytics to solve a cost problem that nobody knows they have.

Startup StacksWare is creating the "vCenter for Apps" for VDI... They can get you from "never heard of them" to "wow, that's live data" in 15 minutes.

StacksWare is seeking to prevent enterprises from paying too much for software, with technology that gathers and analyzes application usage to determine software compliance and overspending.

Trusted by Organizations Worldwide
Trusted Worldwide