Common FlexNet Licensing Errors: “A valid license could not be obtained by the network license manager”


When you start an application that is concurrently licensed using the FlexNet License Manager, you may receive an error message, which reads:
A valid license could not be obtained by the network license manager.

According to the Autodesk Knowledge Network:

“This error message can be caused by having a license file that is not correct for your products or that is badly formed due to a corruption in the file or incorrect manual combining of licenses in the file. Inspect your license file using the License File Parser to verify that it contains the appropriate products and FLEXnet feature codes and doesn’t display any error messages.”

Other common FlexNet License Manager error messages you may encounter:
— Network licensing error 1.5.-4 when starting the software
— Network licensing error 1.5.-5 when starting the software
— Error when network version of software is started: Error 1.5.-12
— Network licensing error 1.5.-15 when starting the software
— Network licensing error 1.5.-18 when starting the software
— Error 1.5.-123 attempting to return borrowed license early
— Error 1.5.-124 attempting to return a borrowed license early
— Error -5.412.0 after an unexpected power failure

These error message are especially common with the following Autodesk applications: AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Electrical, 3ds Max, and Inventor, as well as many other pieces of software with tightly controlled licensing.

In some cases, the CAD tool will indicate that it is shutting down within a specified time period, and will prompt the user to save their work:

These errors can be highly disruptive to end-user productivity.

How To Fix

Using a licensing tool that can track your concurrent license usage (“high-water mark”) is a great way to proactively stay ahead of your licensing problems. A great example of this is StacksWare.

StacksWare can help you proactively avoid these issues by allowing you to easily monitor your concurrent license usage. After agentlessly installing in just 15 minutes, StacksWare begins monitoring your application usage in real-time. You can see which users in your organization are launching a particular application, and can view a graph of the Max Concurrent usage of that application over a time range, as seen below:

You may also navigate to the Activity Log page, which shows every single time this application was opened or closed, by which user, on a machine and device.

With StacksWare, you’ll gain full visibility into your concurrently-licensed software applications. This instant context into exactly which users and machines in your organization are using this software allows you to stay on top of any licensing errors that may occur, as well as optimize your licensing position to eliminate unused licenses that need to be paid for and maintained.

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