Monitoring CAD on VDI


CAD software is an essential piece of software to the modern engineering firm. But with its huge memory footprint, massive GPU requirements, and heavy processing load, CAD can be a nightmare to administer. Designers and engineers require huge, expensive boxes to do work, creating an administrative headache and dramatically limiting their mobility. Thus, it’s no wonder that many CAD administrators look for a better way.

NVIDIA vGPU: A Breakthrough for VDI

Virtual desktop infrastructure, or VDI, is a decade-old technology that runs desktops in VMs in the datacenter. The desktops are then streamed to user endpoints, whether they be PCs, tablets, smartphones, or thin/zero clients. The challenges with VDI have historically been cost and performance. Moreover, GPU support has been limited or completely unavailable.

With Horizon 6, VMware partnered with NVIDIA to release NVIDIA GRID vGPU. This technology enables GPU instructions to be directly run on the GPU, without translation – dramatically increasing performance. Now, applications like Siemens NX and Dassault Systemes CATIA can be streamed in a performant manner.

Using StacksWare for Live Software Usage Monitoring

Switching to VDI provides many benefits, but in order to fully take advantage of them, enterprises need a monitoring solution. After a 30 minute agentless deployment, StacksWare provides real-time information about software usage. With StacksWare, CAD admins can analyze how VDI pools are being used, discover which users are overusing expensive licenses, and receive notifications when critical agents like the Horizon View agent go unreachable. When running CAD on VDI monitored by StacksWare, engineering enterprises see the following benefits:

Centralized administration

Easily see which patches, versions, etc. you’ve deployed with StacksWare, and then modify your desktops with VMware linked clones.

Flexible work environments

Provision several desktop pools to support different workflows. Monitor and optimize these pools with StacksWare groups.

Workplace mobility

Enable full CAD performance from any device, whether in the office, on the road, or at home. See what devices people are using to run what applications in StacksWare.

Comprehensive user management

See how much users and teams are using CAD software with StacksWare, and then appropriately manage user access to the software to control quality and licensing.