Announcing FlexNet License Manger Integration


StacksWare is excited to announce the launch of its FlexNet licensing integration!

With this new integration, software licenses for Siemens (NX, TeamCenter), ANSYS (SCADE, AIM, Maxwell) and all other software licenses managed by FlexNet can now be viewed in real time from within StacksWare. Using insights provided by StacksWare, customers can potentially discover significant savings opportunities on their high-value software assets.

All of your licenses in one place

StacksWare provides an overview of the license inventory from all of your license servers in a single pane of glass. This makes it easy to check at a glance whether licenses for a particular application are currently available.

The challenge of monitoring floating license usage

Tracking the availability and utilization of floating licenses for high-value software assets can pose a significant challenge to IT Managers. This challenge mainly derives from an inability to continuously monitor which users and machines currently have particular licenses checked out. Without a robust and intuitive monitoring solution in place, gaining meaningful insight into license utilization trends and associated expenditures can be difficult, if even possible.

Gaining visibility into FlexNet-managed license usage

StacksWare now includes real time inventory and monitoring for all of the FlexNet-managed software licenses in your organization’s computing environment. Regardless of the number of license servers or license files that you need need to monitor, StacksWare can track license utilization and expenses for all of your endpoints and present it in a single, user-friendly web interface. Furthermore, StacksWare understands how to interpret license and options files so it will automatically incorporate context-specific information like which licenses are bundled as packages, and how users and hosts are grouped together when presenting license usage and expense information.

Configuring StacksWare to monitor your license servers

Configuring StacksWare to monitor a license server takes less than 30 seconds. Simply visit the IP address of the StacksWare virtual appliance in your browser, select a new FLEXlm server source and enter the server’s IP address, credentials, and the license files to monitor.

Track expenditure for license bundles

The packages page gives you an overview of the license bundles you have purchased enabling you keep track of spend amounts and expiration dates. StacksWare determines the amount you are overspending on your licenses by analyzing usage history to determine the number of licenses that have previously gone unused.

Usage tracking for each license

StacksWare maintains detailed usage information for each of your license features, making it convenient to determine which users currently have licenses checked out on particular machines, as well as the usage history of a license over an arbitrary range of dates.

How to Learn More

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