Diagnosing Help Desk Issues in Real-time


When evaluating IT help desk performance, the most important metric is resolution time. Every unnecessary minute spent in resolution limbo wastes productivity for both the help desk workers and the end user.

The first and most challenging step to resolving end user support tickets is to reproduce the problem. Often times, help desk staff gets stuck deciphering messages from frustrated employees or interacting with slow and clunky monitoring tools to discover what actions the end user performed leading up to the problem. These types of interactions lead to high resolution times, costing enterprises valuable resources.

Using StacksWare to Diagnose Issues in Real-time

Today’s modern IT departments can’t afford to use solutions that are only capable of delivering daily aggregate reports. IT help desk staff need a real-time monitoring solution to most efficiently resolve help tickets.

After a 15 minute agentless deployment, StacksWare provides real-time information about software usage across your entire environment. With StacksWare, help desk staff can instantly view end user activity leading up to the submitted ticket and effortlessly reproduce the exact problem. StacksWare provides enterprises with the following benefits:


Real-time insight into end user activity

Drill down into end users or machines to see details such as logon sessions and activity during those sessions, allowing you to reproduce the exact events leading up to the issue. Use this level of detail to resolve help desk tickets to a fraction of the time.


Group usage analysis

Track groups of endpoint users, machines, or devices to analyze software usage patterns across these groups. Easily detect commonalities among these groups to aid in detecting the root cause of an issue.


Minimize IT footprint

Simplify your environment by identifying and eliminating software applications that are not being used, allowing you to reduce the surface area of potential problems and avoid looking in the wrong places.


Proactive notifications

Set up notifications to be alerted immediately when insecure software is run or when end users run problematic workflows. Similarly, receive notifications when crucial applications stop running, allowing you to increase reaction speed to issues.


Centralized administration

See which patches, versions, etc. you’ve deployed across your environment, and then modify your desktops accordingly.

How to Learn More

Interested in learning more? Feel free to request a demo or email me directly at sales@stacksware.com.