Announcing Mac Support


StacksWare is excited to announce the release of Mac (Apple OS X) support!

One Consolidated Pane of Glass

All tracked OS X machines are integrated directly into the StacksWare interface. This means that Macs now show up right alongside your existing Windows virtual & physical desktops.

All machine views will show Macs and Windows in the same tables — No need for new workflows to identify cross-platform usage.

Perfect for Managing Artistic Software

With the addition of Mac support comes to ability to track & manage all the creative software that OS X famously specializes in. This means that expensive software suites by your favorite brands like Adobe, Maxon, Autodesk, and more can now be tracked from within StacksWare.

Along with the new tracking comes the ability to generate reports with combined Mac and Windows usage. Internal audits can now give 100%, organization-wide coverage across a multi-OS endpoint landscape.

Live Now

Interested in using StacksWare to track your Mac computers?
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