Announcing Support for Physical Machines


StacksWare is excited to announce the release of one of its most highly anticipated new features — support for physical machines.

A long-standing challenge for application monitoring

In order to effectively manage software assets IT managers need a comprehensive view of all applications deployed across their organization’s computing environment. In most cases this environment consists not only of virtual machines, but also of physical laptops and workstations. Traditionally, analyzing software utilization across a heterogeneous enterprise computing environment has required cumbersome and expensive combinations of monitoring solutions or has simply been altogether infeasible.

Finally, a single solution for your entire computing environment

StacksWare is now a complete application monitoring solution. In addition to providing application data from your virtual desktops and servers, StacksWare now works on your physical computing infrastructure as well. With little or no additional configuration StacksWare provides the same comprehensive, real-time data from your physical machines as it does for your virtual machines.

Leveraging Active Directory for quick and effortless deployment

IT managers will find StacksWare’s physical monitoring solution to be especially convenient because it does not require any installation or setup on the machines themselves. The only requirement is that the physical machines be domain-connected. Simply entering in basic Active Directory account information enables StacksWare to automatically discover machines and begin monitoring them. This is one of the reasons why it takes just 15 minutes to get StacksWare up and running in your environment. Check out the installation video to see just how easy it is to deploy StacksWare.

LDAP search filtering

Your Active Directory forest may contain more machines than you necessarily want to monitor. When registering Active Directory account information with StacksWare, you can specify an optional LDAP search base and/or search filter to conveniently and precisely control the machines that StacksWare will target for monitoring.

For example, let’s say that your company’s Active Directory domain name is and you want StacksWare to limit it’s search to the top-level OU named ‘engineering’. Furthermore, you only want to include machines whose names start with ‘123’. You would enter in the search base and filter as shown below.

See all your machines in one place

StacksWare’s web interface allows you to easily view application data from all your machines, both physical and virtual, in one place. This also means that your physical machines can seamlessly be added to groups and reports right alongside your virtual machines. To learn more about group workflows click here.

How to Learn More

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