Announcing Remote Software Management


StacksWare is expanding its software management capabilities with the ability to remotely manage (deploy, remove, and stop) software.

Complete Software Management Suite

StacksWare helps IT save dramatically on software by discovering and eliminating unused software. StacksWare has been very good at discovery via its real-time software inventory, recognition, and metering capabilities. Now, we’re just as strong at eliminating (and more broadly, managing) software. StacksWare now supports remotely deploying, removing, and stopping software.

This launch helps expand and enhance StacksWare’s use cases, including the following:
– Discover unused software, then uninstall it remotely
– Identify heavily used software, justify additional expenses, and deploy that software to more users
– Find network license hogs, and then free the license by stopping the application on their desktop

New Control Toolbar

All of StacksWare’s new software management functionalities can be found in a new toolbar on the application and machine(s) pages.

For a given machine or group of machines, use the toolbar to deploy, remove, or stop software.

Alternatively, remove or stop software on any relevant machines from the application itself.


Interested in learning more? Contacts us at for more information or request a demo. The software is available to existing customers as an add-on – they can contact their account executive for details.