Announcing Native Integration with XenServer


StacksWare is excited to announce native integration with XenServer hypervisor environments.

The challenge with application inventory for XenServer environments

To effectively manage their software assets, IT administrators need a comprehensive view into their application landscape. XenServer administrators have the especially challenging task of monitoring end-user application usage as VDI or virtual servers are often dynamically created to service demand. Moreover, tracking software that is licensed per physical core or processor has been a painstaking process since virtual workloads often migrate from one host to another with XenMotion.

A complete solution for the modern XenServer environment

StacksWare now provides XenServer support to its list of native integrations. StacksWare can inventory applications in real-time from XenDesktop VDI and virtual servers running on any XenServer host. Additionally, our product automatically tracks host resource information to correlate application usage to physical hosts. This shows you how much money you can save on applications that are licensed by core or processor like SQL Server or Windows Server.

Configuring your XenServer hosts

Configuring your XenServer hosts takes less than 30 seconds. Simply visit the IP address of the StacksWare virtual appliance in your browser, select a new XenServer source and enter your XenServer hostname and service account credentials.

Assign credentials to your virtual machines

Finally, assign credentials to authenticate into your XenServer virtual machines and start viewing your inventory data in the StacksWare dashboard.

See all your machines in one place

StacksWare’s web interface allows you to easily view application data from all your machines, both physical workstations and XenServer virtual machines, in one place. This also means that your XenServer machines can seamlessly be added to groups and reports right alongside your virtual machines. To learn more about group workflows click here.