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Save money by only buying licenses you need

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Find users who are checking out licenses without returning them

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Remotely force kill software to free up the license

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"DENSO International America, Inc. Administers CAD On Their Cutting-Edge VDI With StacksWare"

Fortune 500 company DENSO International America, Inc.
($43.1 billion revenue) trusts StacksWare to understand their engineers’ CAD usage & help them save money on licensing.

PDF REPORT - StacksWare For Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies often have unique software requirements to engineer new products. 
CAD and GIS software often play a critical role in the creation of these products. For years, StacksWare has been a trusted partner in providing manufacturing companies total application visibility across their software portfolio.

StacksWare is application discovery and usage tracking reinvented - designed from the ground up to help CAD admins deliver the best possible end-user services by giving them full insight into the software applications deployed across their environment.

PRODUCT DEMO - Monitoring Network Licenses

Find license hogs - Determine which users are checking out network licenses and never giving it back, in real-time

Reclaim hogged licenses - Remotely connect to workstations to kick out users who are hogging licenses

Monitor historical network license usage to save money by only buying the licenses you need

Integrates with major licenses servers, including FlexLM / FlexNet, Sentinel SuperPro, RMS, LDK, HASP, and more