Meet StacksWare

The Service Provider's New Best Friend

Live Inventory & Usage

Get notified when critical applications crash or insecure software runs.

No Agents, No Problems

Agentless means no maintenance, no down-time, and no performance hits.

15 Minute Deployment

Simply drag & drop one StacksWare virtual appliance into vCenter, XenServer, or Hyper-V.

Built For Service Providers From Day 1

StacksWare originated from a Stanford University / VMware joint research project, sponsored by Sanjay Poonen (COO & Head of EUC at VMware).
We have deep roots in the service provider community, and are proud to be trusted by organizations across the continental US & abroad.

SPLA Reports


24/7 Support

Audit-Ready Data

Success Story - Loop Partners

You gain a trusted ally with StacksWare.

The StacksWare team has provided unparalleled technical support and guidance during our customer installations.

With StacksWare you get a partner that works with you to accommodate customer wishes and we can rely on them to deliver consistent value to our customers with a simple 15 minute deployment.

Henrik Mikkelsen
CTO at Loop Partners

PDF Report - StacksWare For MSPs

Managed Service Providers work tirelessly to deliver services to their customers that are elastic and scalable to handle increases in capacity, yet predictable in performance, utilization, and price, and stable to uphold strict SLAs. While each MSP offers uniquely differentiated services, all providers share the same pain points.

StacksWare is application discovery and metering reinvented - designed from the ground up to help MSPs deliver the best possible services by giving them full insight into the software applications deployed across their environment.

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Know What Applications Customers Have Installed & Are Using