Product Overview

Discover software, without the bloat

Find all of the software installed throughout the entire environment. No need to deal directly with .exe’s or .app’s - StacksWare’s proprietary lookup service organizes data into recognized applications.

Meter software usage in real-time

See who is using that application right now, or how usage has trended over the last few months. Determine if labs are being utilized. Monitor network licenses for network license hogging.

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Remotely deploy, remove, and kill software

Deploy new software out to endpoints and uninstall software that is not being used. Stop processes that should not be running or are idly consuming network licenses.

Manage software licensing

Monitor compliance with licensing limits. Discover when software is purchased but not deployed. Get alerted when renewals are approaching.

And More

Detailed reporting and alerting

Mac Support

Up and running in less than 15 minutes