Track and optimize software licensing

Avoid painful audits by tracking licenses and keeping your software footprint in control. Optimize unused or unprovisioned licenses.

Discover who is using what software, where, in real-time

Learn how your end users are using software provisioned in your environment. Correlate software usage with devices, virtual machines, and users to stay on top of problems when they arise.

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Get the right software to the right people

Know exactly who in your organization has access to what software. Ensure that only those who need software have access to it, saving money on licensing and keeping your environment lean.

Reduce reaction times from days to seconds

Receive notifications instantly when business critical applications crash and insecure or suspicious software is being used across your virtual environment. Be in constant control of your environment.

And More

Automated insights delivered to your mailbox

Aggregate software usage by department, team, or cluster

Up and running in less than 15 minutes

Save massively on software with a 15-day free trial
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Trusted Worldwide